Using IMPORTRANGE Function in Google Sheets

With IMPORTRANGE Function in Google Sheets, you can connect two sheets and fetch the data from one sheet into the other.

This could be useful when you are aggregating data from multiple Google Sheets into one Google Sheets document. For example, if you have the score of students in multiple sheets, you can use the IMPORTRANGE function to connect all these and fetch the data into one sheet.

IMPORTRANGE function takes two arguments – the spreadsheet URL and the range string. The URL can easily be copied from the URL bar (or you can copy only the key as shown in the video). In case of range string, you need to specify the sheet name as well as the cell range.

If you’re using the IMPORTRANGE function for the first time in a Google Sheets document, it will give a #REF! error when you use it for the first time. You then need to hover over the cell and click on the blue “Allow Access” button to connect the two sheets.

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