Top 5 MCPE Servers 2019 1.13+ / Skywars, Skyblock, Hypixel / Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Top 5 MCPE Servers 2019 1.13+

In this video we look at the best MCPE servers of 1.13. All the ips and ports are in the video.

Welcome to my new channel! My original channel was called “Bryant Vidals” but recently I got hacked so I no longer have access to the account and it is terminated. In this channel I will continue my journey and produce many types of content such as lists, tutorials of your choice, collaborations, funny moments, games, letsplays, smps, etc.

Thanks again for the love and support on twitter, Instagram, discord, etc. Here are some videos people made about this situation, which may help in better understanding what happened.

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I am so excited to start making videos again!

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