Oracle has been renamed “Oracle America, Inc.”

Dear Customer or Partner,


As you may be aware, in January 2010, Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems, Inc. and its subsidiaries (“Sun”). In connection with our efforts to integrate the operations of Sun, we are reorganizing and consolidating Oracle and Sun’s relationships worldwide, which will allow us to more efficiently manage these relationships. The reorganization has resulted in the merger of Oracle USA, Inc. into Sun Microsystems, Inc. with the combined entity being renamed “Oracle America, Inc.” The rights and obligations under your agreement, including, without limitation, the right to receive future payments that become due under such agreement, belong to Oracle America, Inc. effective February 15, 2010.


This transfer shall have no effect on the rights and obligations you have under the existing agreement. Oracle America, Inc. is for all purposes a party to the agreement. Consequently, you should look to Oracle America, Inc. to comply with the provisions of the agreement. This organization will offer you continued support and maintenance for your products and/or services per the agreement, with the notable change that your invoices will now come from a different entity than before and your payments will need to be directed to a different bank account which will be detailed in your next invoice. Please also note that sales tax, VAT and GST amounts previously charged may change as a result of the transfer and entities involved in the invoicing.


The full details of Oracle America, Inc. are as follows:

Address: 500 Oracle Parkway

Redwood Shores, CA 94065


Telephone (switch board): +1.650.506.7000


The combination of Oracle and Sun has resulted in a stronger company with more services and support to meet your needs. We look forward to continuing to provide you with the high quality of service you have come to expect.