One of the first Dragon Ball video games ever released, Dragon Power follows the first two volumes of the Dragon Ball manga.

Based on the Dragon Ball manga and anime, the game follows young monkey-tailed boy Goku as he embarks on a quest (along with teenage companion Bulma and shapeshifting anthropomorphic pig Oolong) to find all seven Dragon Balls, believing that collecting them grants them any wish they desire. While the first half of the game follows the early parts of the original series (culminating in the “Emperor Pilaf Saga”), the second half of the game follows an original storyline (first involving a martial arts tournament, then involving Goku’s search for his grandfather’s keepsake Dragon Ball).

While general exploration and combat is done in an overhead perspective, the game switches to a side-scrolling perspective for key battles.

The game was later released in North America in March 1988 as Dragon Power, removing numerous references to the Dragon Ball series while changing the names and appearances of most characters. The game was also released in France in 1990 as Dragon Ball (also known in-game as Dragon Ball: Le Secret du Dragon) with all references intact.

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