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Viber for BlackBerry 10 phones has completely stopped functioning for some years. However, you can still use an Android version of this video chat. Make sure you follow these following simple-but-crucial steps, then you will enjoy using fully functional Viber from your BB10 phone.

1. Allow your BlackBerry phone to install an app from “other sources” – in Settings.

2. Uninstall Viber app with Ghost Commander. If you have previously installed Viber app on your phone, you may need to uninstall it with Ghost Commander before reinstall this older version.

– See how to uninstall an app with Ghost Commander here:

– Download Ghost_Commander_1.55.1.apk here:

3. Delete any remnants from the previously installed Viber. Check any files or folders in your device (do not need to search in the SD card) which contain the word “viber”, using your BB10 File Manager. Rename any folders that are unable to delete (e.g. I change the “viber” folder into “viberxxx”).

4. Download and install viber- from here:

5. Register with your phone number and enjoy using Viber from your BB10 phone. DO NOT update your Viber, since this version seems to be the latest one that can still work on BB10 phones.

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